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Culinary Adventures Summer Camp, June 24th-28th, Forklift - 2024
Culinary Adventures Summer Camp, June 24th-28th, Forklift - 2024
Culinary Adventures Summer Camp, June 24th-28th, Forklift - 2024

FORKLIFT - 75 Lawson Rd, #109 Leesburg

Culinary Adventures Summer Camp, June 24th-28th, Forklift - 2024


Overview: Join us for an unforgettable journey of flavors and skills at Forklift Virginia, the boutique culinary school led by the acclaimed Chef Rich Rosendale. Nestled in the heart of Leesburg, our summer camp offers a unique opportunity for young chefs aged 10 and up to learn at their own cooktop. With a focus on hands-on experience, you'll master techniques that will elevate your cooking indefinitely, exploring a new menu each day filled with exciting recipes to craft and taste. Best of all, each lesson culminates in the joy of savoring your own creations!

Dates: Jun 24th - Jun 28th, 2024.

Daily Schedule:

  • Camp Hours: 9:00 AM - 3:00 PM
  • Early Drop-off: Available from 8:00 AM for an additional fee of $50 per week.

Location: Forklift Virginia 75 Lawson Rd SE Unit 109, Leesburg, VA 20175

Price for Full Week: $475 

Daily Themes and Menus:

Day 1: "Tex-Mex Fiesta" - Guacamole, tacos, salsa, and churros: Time to spice things up! Begin your culinary adventure by diving into the vibrant world of Tex-Mex cuisine. You'll learn how to make guacamole from scratch, the secrets of a perfect roasted tomato salsa, and the art of crafting the ultimate chicken fajitas, churros, and arroz con leche.

Day 2: "Italian Trattoria" Experience the rustic charm of Italian cooking. Today's menu focuses on crafting silky Alfredo sauce, homemade pasta, classic spaghetti & meatballs, and finishing with authentic Italian cannoli.

Day 3: "Grecian Delights" Discover the fresh and flavorful dishes of Greece. Whip up a smooth hummus, skewer and grill chicken to perfection, toss a crisp Greek salad, and create a delightful white rice pilaf. For dessert, enjoy a homemade Cherry Garcia ice cream.

Day 4: "Pizza Making Class" Acquire skills in making your pizza; with only a handful of ingredients, you can make fresh, delicious pizza from scratch. You will learn the ins & outs of mixing, kneading, proofing, and stretching dough. 

Day 5: "Pastry Chef for a Day" Unleash your creativity as you become a pastry chef, learning to bake and decorate four different seasonal flavor cupcakes, cookies, cinnamon rolls from mixing the batter to applying the finishing touches with icing and decor, and learn how to make ice cream and gelato. 

Additional Information:

  • All necessary cooking equipment and ingredients are provided.
  • Campers will receive a Forklift Virginia apron to take home.
  • Spaces are limited to ensure personalized guidance from our professional chefs.
  • Nutritional and dietary education will be included to promote a holistic culinary understanding.

Reserve your spot today and stir up some fun this summer! Forward any questions to

This class is taught by Chef Sebastian Vasquez, originally from Quito, Ecuador, combines a Bachelor's degree in International Business with an Associate in Science in Culinary Arts Management from the Miami Culinary Institute. His mentor, Chef Rich Rosendale, has guided him through an impressive eight-year culinary journey, enhancing his already substantial business experience.

Sebastian has contributed his skills to prestigious venues like Casa Mariano in Doral, recognized as a standout in Miami's culinary scene, and B Ocean Resort in Fort Lauderdale. His role in the Rosendale Task Force has seen him manage high-profile events, including catering for BTS and NFL gatherings in Las Vegas, as well as hosting Dom Perignon events at the Ocean Reef Club.

As a lead instructor for the Rosendale Collective, Sebastian is currently teaching at FORKLIFT Virginia, a boutique culinary school. His expertise is invaluable to students of all levels, as he continues to share his passion and knowledge in the culinary arts.